LV-MIN-PUZ (Fifty-five Minute Puzzle)

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I've called this the ``Fifty-five Minute Puzzle" because of the shapes of the pieces (click here for the explanation, and a description of the puzzles); you might be able to do the puzzle in fifty-five minutes but don't be intimidated by the title; it might take a couple hours spread out over time, or maybe only a few minutes -- to some extent there's some luck involved in getting a starting combination that allows for a successful completion. The puzzle comes with a complete set of all solutions.

The completed solution to the puzzle makes a nice coffee table display that will be fun for anyone to take apart of fiddle with. The 8 pieces, excluding the two that help define the enclosed area) have different shapes and are made from different woods. They're sealed with a non-toxic Danish finish and hand sanded to a find grit, then finished with a coat of tung oil giving them a satiny luster. The frame is walnut from Walden Place and the yellow wood that defines the boundary is called yellowheart.

This puzzle has now been sold but I'll post another as soon as I can get to making it.

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