Domineering Game

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Each domino covers two squares of the board.

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Three two-person games can be played with these pieces on this 7 x 7 chessboard. The games are accessible to children and adults. The board is a solid piece of walnut, approximately 12 inches on a side, with pine frets that form a raised grid. The pieces are white pine and are grooved to fit snuggly onto the grid so they will not slide about during the game. Children really enjoy the satisfaction in handling these dominoes and putting them in place. I expect the second player should probably be able to force a win in the domineering game, but I haven't taken the time to prove that this is so; for sure, it's not obvious how to force a win, even though there are some helpful heuristics which you'll discover with experience. See the attached page for the simple rules to these games.

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